投资交通物流环保产业基金Invested in Goldstone Investment Limited


Goldstone Investment Limited is the private investment fund management subsidiary of Citic Securities Co. Ltd. It’s scale of asset under management is among the top of the private investment fund companies. The fund has successfully invested in the following pre-IPO companies: China San Xia New Energy Company, aims to develop wind energy and build a second major business of its parent company – San Xia Group; One of the ‘Unicorn’ enterprise – Cambrian Science and Technology, which is expected to be listed on the science and technology innovation board; The tourism company – Tong Cheng Yi Long, which is already listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; CSSC – one of the flagship shipbuilding listed companies in China with the largest scale, the most advanced technology and the most complete product structure. Through participating in the Goldstone project, we deliver our commitment to implement the national decision and the five development concepts. Also, we accumulate capital base for our strategic investments through the Goldstone project.